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Training Check-In: Ironman Week1

Well babes I've wrapped up my first week of Ironman training! Woo hoo! As you read this I'm a little over halfway through week two as well, but more on that next week. So far so good! My training plan has a base phase built in so the first 10 weeks are super easy and are meant more for building my endurance base. This means lots of short workouts in zone two (aerobic zone) and lots of focus on technique.

Here's how my week went:

Monday - Rest day
What an awesome way to start a training plan! Day one knocked out with incredible ease! Actually, it was a little hard to know I was officially "in training" and not have anything to do. I knew that I needed to rest up for the week ahead so I stayed true to my plan. No training at all this day, not even weights.

Tuesday - 1600 meter swim and 15 minute run in Z2
Now we're getting to the good stuff! I haven't been in the pool very much this summer so I was a little anxious about my performance level. I started my workout with a 200 meter warm up and actually felt a little winded so I knew I was pretty out of shape. Luckily, I had several swim drills scheduled before my main set so I was able to slow down and tweak my swim stroke for more efficiency. I finished in about 52 minutes which gave me an average of 2:30 min/100m. That's a far cry from a PR, but its a great place to start I suppose.

Tuesday's will henceforth be known as "Two-a-day Tuesdays" as I will have two workouts schedule every Tuesday.

My second workout of the day was an easy 15 minute run while staying in zone 2. I opted to run on the treadmill at lunch since I only had 15 minutes planned. Normally I'll take my runs outdoors to enjoy the sunshine but I went to the gym on my lunch break and did a bit of weight lifting after my run. I'm going to have to figure out how to balance strength training with Ironman training. I'm such a sissy when it comes to sore muscles.

Wednesday - 15 minute bike in Z2
I headed to the gym again on my lunch break for Wednesday's workout. I spent 15 minutes on the spin bike and then did a little more strength training. I took it super easy as to avoid sore muscles.

Thursday - 15 minute bike in Z2
Ok, I skipped this workout. I know, I know! That's no way to to start a training plan, but I had an event Thursday evening with the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors. The DFA was celebrating it's 1 year anniversary and we had CorePower yoga planned so I didn't want to wake up at 5am just for 15 minutes on the trainer and then stay out late with the DFA. Honestly, I woke up with the intention of going to the gym on lunch again, but work got in the way and I just skipped it.

My evening with the DFA was amazing though! We had a huge turn out and the event was just perfect! The lighting was just right (every bloggers dream) the weather was cool and there was a slight breeze. We gathered at Jade Waters at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas for Silent Disco Yoga. What an experience that was! If you have never participated in a quiet event, you should totally check it out. We wore these neat headphones with two channels. One was dedicated to a live playlist of EDM by the DJ we had on site. The other was our instructors playlist mixed with his mic feed so that we could hear the instructions. We had our choice of experiences. So cool!

 After an amazing workout we gathered for live music poolside with lots of goodies. Muscle milk was there mixing up fruit smoothies, Unrefined and Society bakery also provided gluten free cupcakes and cookies (which I ate WAY too many of). Unfortunately, I  had to leave early to be up for my 5am swim session on Friday. I have a feeling I will have many more of these disappointing situations in the next 30 weeks.

(All event photos courtesy of the DFA. You can visit their page and see the whole album here)

Friday - 1600 meter swim and 15 minute run in Z2
Surprisingly, I made it to the gym on time. My home gym is currently closed for renovations this week so I commuted to the gym by my office on Tuesday and Friday. It's a pretty short drive at 5:30 in the morning, but man the traffic back is awful. I woke up feeling really sore from the CorePower yoga session in my legs and shoulders. It had a bit of an effect on my swim as I fatigued quicker but I managed to get it all done in less time than on Tuesday. I was really worried about the upcoming weekend with sore legs. I opted to skip the second workout of the day to save my legs and rest a bit.

Saturday - 30 minute run Z2
Ok so stay with me here. I flipped my schedule this weekend. Saturdays will be my long bike day and Sundays will be my long run day but we had a family BBQ planned Saturday and it was going to rain Sunday. I figured I could get my run in outdoors and then ride indoors on Sunday. Gettin' crafty already! Unfortunately, I woke up Saturday in outter space. My head was super cloudy and I just felt off. to make things worse, I'd scratched my cornea with my contact lens the night before and had to wear my glasses. Have you ever run in glasses???? Well, I haven't. I've had glasses since I was 7 and I have never once had to run while wearing them. It made me dizzy! I actually lost my balance and fell on my knee. It gave me a pretty bad bruise as well. It was just a terrible run! I couldn't keep my heart rate down and ended up with a 13 min/mile pace. I probably would have had better luck walking.

Sunday - 30 minute bike Z2
Talk about a great day! I woke up around 8am, hopped on the trainer, found an awesome channel on YouTube called Indoor Cycling Videos and killed my 30 minute trainer session.

Overall the week went really well. I'd been trying so hard to wake up early the previous week to get used to being up at 5am to train again and just couldn't seem to do it. As soon as Tuesday came around and I had to be at the pool, I popped out of bed like a piece of warm toast out of the toaster. Easy peezy lemon squeezy! Funny how that works isn't is?

Well loves I hope your week is going super! Are you training for anything right now? Hows it going?

I'll check back in with you next week. I have some pretty exciting things planned and hope to start blogging like a real blogger very soon. ha ha ha

Happy running!

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